Sazeh Rah & Sakhteman Co

Sazeh Raah & Sakheteman Company was established in 1990 with the aim of assisting Iran's development, construction, job creation and recruitment of expert and young manpower within the framework of a private stock company. In this regard, for the past 30 years, the company has been honored to work with the of The National Iranian South Oil Company, Iran National Gas Company, Khuzestan Water and Power Organization public Stock Company, Khuzestan Regional Electric Company, Khuzestan Telecommunication Company, Karoon Oil and Gas Company, Khuzestan Agricultural Jihad Organization, Khuzestan Province Water and Wastewater Company, Petrochemical Industry Development Management Company, Ahvaz Municipality, Khorramshahr Municipality, Arvand Kenar Municipality, Dezful University of Medical Sciences and the Office of Khuzestan School Renovation.

Company’s Field of Activity

The subject of the Company's activity under the provisions of Article 2 of the Statute is:

  • Implementation of civil works such as construction, industrial, pipelines including steel, polyethylene, concrete and GRP.
  • Undertaking projects such as irrigation, drainage, road construction, earthworks, landscaping, dam building, electricity, mechanical and precision instruments.
  • Production and sale, purchase and supply of spare parts related to industrial and manufacturing factories, manufacturing of road machinery and etc.
  • Import and export of all authorized goods.
  • Participation in the manufacturing and production of industrial machinery, creation of industrial projects.
  • Representing and giving agency to foreign and domestic companies.
  • Participation in governmental and non-governmental tenders related to the above issues in the country and abroad.
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Last Projects

The last projects undertaken by Sazeh Rah & Sakhteman Company can be accessed form here.